Public Slaughterhouse Kilkis (2009), Greece – Rendering unit (waste animal products)

Project: Haarslev Batch Cooker, Haarslev Pump, Receiving Bin, PLC, Blood Tank, Screw Conveyor.

Fruit Distribution and Storage Center Gianitsa (2013), Greece – Cooling unit

Project: Complete Bitzer Cooling/ Freeze Unit with 8 compressors, Automated PLC, Gunther Condenser x8 fans, Cooling panel chambers.

Mink farm Kastoria (2010), Greece – Plate Freezers and Ammonia refrig. system

Project: 4 x Fully refurbished Jackstone Vertical Plate Freezers 26stn, Ammonia refrigeration System with complete Bitzer unit consisting of 6 compressors, PLC and Gunther Condenser, Complete cooling panel chamber.

Frozen Logistics, Mars Ice cream (2012), Nea Moudania, Greece – Refrigeration unit and chambers.

Project: Cooling unit and chambers.