Euromac has connected its name with quality products that it trades and manufactures for different segments
in which the company is operating like industrial establishments, slaughterhouses, hotels SME’s, bars and/or restaraunts.

Euromac is specialised in trading second hand, new as well as refurbished machinery. One of the key facts about Euromac is that it nowadays plays a leading role in the Greek market of second hand professional food processing machinery.

Euromac is operating in the following product segments:

  • Professional bakery equipment
  • Professional meat processing equipment
  • Refrigeration and cooling units (condensers, compressors etc)
  • Refrigeration and cooling chambers
  • Supermarket equipment
  • Industrial equipment and machinery for slaughterhouses (Rendering)
  • HO.RE.CA equipment and machinery
  • Composting and waste treatment machinery

Euromac is also an official and certified partner of RATIONAL Hellas RATIONAL Hellas and MESSAN Turkey .

Refrigeration Units (diverse)

Product Description:
Refrigeration units with Bitzer compressors. Complete set with PLC and condenser. 13 different units available (4x – 6x – 8x compressors). The units are 4-6 months old used. For more information please send us your inquiry.

Μονάδες ψύξης με Bitzer συμπιεστές.

GRASSO Ammonia compressors (diverse)

Product Description:

Single-stage screw packages of GEA Grasso. Capacity range of 130 to 5,700 kW. Cooling capacity depends on the compressor type (NH3 -10/+35 °C, NH3 0/+45°C, R134a -10/+35 °C)

• Stepless capacity control by frequency inverter and capacity slide
• Robust base frame for long motor bearing lifetime
• Low positioned gravity center for a low vibration level
• Oil separator with variable sizes and low oil charge to achieve an oil carry over of less than 5 ppm

Συμπιεστές Αμμωνίας
Συμπιεστές Αμμωνίας

MYCOM compressors (diverse)

Product Description:

Brand Mycom
Type F6WB
Refrigerant R 22 / R404A
kW at -10ºC/+40ºC 257,3
kW at -20ºC/+40ºC 159,2
kW at -30ºC/+40ºC 88,3
Electromotor kW 90 kW at 975 RPM - Unloaded Start - Capacity Control - On steel base frame - Oil separator - Liquid line filter drier - Sight Glass - Solenoid Valve - Sizes 2450x1040x1800 mm (LxWxH) - Remarks 572,6 m3/h

Electrolux Blast Chiller-Freezer, 180Kg

Product Specification

• High density polyurethane insulation, 85 mm thickness
• Blast Freezing cycle: 170 kg from 90ºC up to -18 ºC in less than four hours
• Blast Chilling cycle: 180 kg from +90°C up to + 3°C in less than 90 minutes
• Soft Chilling (air temperature 0°C)
• Hard Chilling (air temperature -20°C)
• Shock freezing (low air temperature adjustable up to -41ºC)
• Turbo cooling: chiller works continuously at the desired temperature; ideal for continuous production

Supermarket Equipment (Diverse)

Product Specification:

Diverse Supermarket equipment available AHT Sliding Lid Chest Freezers, vertical showcase freezers, self–service showcase etc